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Unsung Hero

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

The teacher had a premonition that his next book would become a best-seller, so he thought to keep his identity private, publishing his teachings under a pen name. The teacher’s intuition was true, and the book of wisdom was read across the world.

Those who knew him for his secret once asked, “Why do you keep yourself hidden? Would followers not benefit from being in your presence?”

“I hope to touch the lives of those around me in every way. Do I need to be someone’s guru to do that?”

“But those who would follow could ask questions of the teacher, see how you live, and deepen their knowing.”

“You would like me to lead others to my field and let them taste my fruit. Shall I also chew it for them? Should I lead them to my spring and pour the water out while they sit before me, mouth open? No, I’m afraid I cannot do that. Although the taste would be sweet, it would be their poison.”



The world has no need for more gurus (or their followers.) Follow the message, not the medium.

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