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A New Meditation

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

A neighbor went to visit a monk, asking her host, “Why do you meditate before a portrait of your guru?”

The monk replied, “Once when asked how he became enlightened, my guru said, ‘I sat and stared into the face of the universe. After some time, I noticed that it sat looking back. Then after some time more, did I realize that by looking at each other, we were gazing at the same thing.’”

“How lovely. Does it work?” asked the neighbor.

“I’ve been wondering the same thing myself,” answered the monk.

“I see. Wait right here,” instructed the neighbor before fetching something from her house. She returned with a mirror and handed it to the monk. “Give this a try," she said, then left the monk to his meditation.


One evening, on her next visit, the neighbor inquired about the success of the mirror, “Has the mirror done the trick? Are you enlightened?”

“Thank you, but I think I prefer my guru after all,” answered the monk.

“Oh well. It was worth a shot. Say, would you mind if I meditate with you this time?” asked the neighbor.

“I would enjoy that,” answered the monk, getting comfortable.

To the monk’s surprise, the neighbor sat directly in front of him, so that they were face to face. After some time, she let down her hair. After some time more, she began to gaze longingly into his eyes. The monk’s face blushed red.

Word spread around the neighborhood that they both became very enlightened that night.

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